7 Responses to “Top 10 Greatest Songs”

  1. Restol says:

    Michael Jackson was a great singer. But it is not my favorite. Billie Jean is indeed one of the top 10 greatest songs, but in my opinion it is not the best. Satisfaction is the song I like most from this list. It should be the number in this top 10 greatest songs.

  2. Drive says:

    The only top 10 greatest song I know are Satisfaction and Billie Jean. The rest are unknown to me. I’ve never listened My way or Imagine. And I don’t think I would like these 2 top 10 greatest songs. John Lenon and Sinatra aren’t my favorite singers.

  3. petit says:

    I love rock music. Queen is my favorite band. So, of course, Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite from this top 10 greatest songs list. I would have put among these top 10 greatest songs other songs of Queen too. Shoe must go on, We are the champions, are great songs too.

  4. Toulouse says:

    Frank Sinatra is so sexy. I like his smile. My Way is a great song. In my opinion it should be the number one in this top 10 greatest songs. And yes, from all these top 10 greatest song it is perfect for karaoke.

  5. 23Mada says:

    All these top 10 greatest songs deserve to be here. They are all GREAT. My favorite from all these top 10 greatest songs is ‘Hey Jude’. I always hum it. ^^ It should be the first.

  6. Hunedoara says:

    Frank Sinatra is my favorite singer. From all these top 10 greatest songs, his song is the best. What I like about Frank Sinatra is his vocal timbre. It is unique. All his best songs should be in this top 10 greatest songs.

  7. Cornelia says:

    Sincerely, I do not like any of your top 10 greatest songs. I do not like old songs. And I do not like these singers. My top 10 greatest songs would look different. But everybody has his tastes.