41 Responses to “Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports”

  1. Pete says:

    I will have to admit it that I am not man enough to do any of these top ten dangerous sports. I would have never considered cheerleading anyway, because I really do not see it as a sport. But the rest of them there is no way in hell that I would ever do any of them. Too extreme for me.

    • Pokerface says:

      Pete, you are such a pussy! Some of these top 10 most dangerous sports are indeed extreme. But some of them aren’t so scary. For example motorcycling or horse riding. These 2 top 10 most dangerous sports aren’t so extreme. Horse riding, at least, is a sport more for girls.

  2. Gilly says:

    Cheerleading is in top 10 most dangerous sports? I would have never thought about that. I do admit that horse riding is pretty dangerous, though. I wanted to try 2 years ago. Too bad I changed my mind. I like the adrenaline. So this post about top 10 most dangerous sports comes in handy for me. Thankies.

  3. Kim says:

    Some of these are very dangerous sports. I have seen many times where a rider has fallen off the horse and the horse has trompled over them. And once I knew a girl who was a cheerleader. She did the splits and actually somehow broke her leg.

    • Zamfir says:

      You know, if we think more, every sport is dangerous. Even walking on the street can be dangerous. I don’t get scared about these top 10 most dangerous sports. Like I said, everything we do is dangerous. You can simply walk on a street and you may be hit by a car. So, none of these top 10 most dangerous sports are more dangerous than other sports or other actions.

  4. Kork says:

    Bull riding is only on 7 in top 10 most dangerous sports. Wow, I see that as a very dangerous sport to practice. I wouldn’t handle that bull, man.
    Heli Skiing, the number 1 in top 10 most dangerous sports at least is fun. It’s a crazy world, man

    • NadaNon says:

      Bull riding is indeed one of the top 10 most dangerous sports. I’m scared only when I think of it. I would never do this. If I am put on that bull, I will pass out. Bull riding should be on the first place in this top 10 most dangerous sports.

  5. Lee says:

    I am surely not going to practice these. Thanks for letting me know about top 10 most dangerous sports. Sports are good for health and stuff, but some people overreact. I would definitely not do heli skiing, for instance. Some people are too crazy about adrenaline!

  6. Tarrance says:

    There is no way I would do any of these sports. The only one I may have tried would be cheerleading and if I was one, I would make sure I was always the one on the ground. I do not have a tolerance for heights as they make me quite nervous. I can see why they all made the top ten list though as they are very dangerous.

  7. Kimber says:

    I think that riding motorcycles is very dangerous. Especially when they do not take the proper precautions. How many times do you see someone without a helmet on? Or riding with shorts and a tee on with sandals none the less. that is so dangerous it is just asking for an accident that is deadly.

  8. Napoleon says:

    Fia GT is also a dangerous sport. If you ask me, it should have been included in this top 10 most dangerous sports. Other dangerous sports would be rallying and freestyle snowboarding. Maybe not dangerous enough to be included in top 10 most dangerous sports. But dangerous enough, definitely.

  9. Jaxon says:

    I do not think that I would like to do many of these sports. I do not think that boxing is that bad. But there is no way I would want to go cave diving or some of the others. Horseback riding is dangerous but I do not think that would be all that bad.

  10. Anderson says:

    Wait, what? Cheerleading is part of top 10 most dangerous sports? As you said, if cheerleaders were thrown in the air and stuff, yes. This might be true. But I haven’t seen that kind of cheerleaders so far.

    • 23Mada says:

      I agree with Anderson. There are 2 kinds of cheerleading: risky and boring. Risky cheerleading is indeed one of the top 10 most dangerous sports. You should think that those chicks don’t wear any protection. But there is boring cheerleading too, where they just dance and move their pompons. So, cheerleading has different interpretations, but in fond it should be one of the top 10 most dangerous sports.

  11. Uzzi says:

    I tried practicing free running. It’s a very dangerous sport, indeed. Some other sports mentioned in top 10 most dangerous sports are for kids, compared to this. It is difficult and very risky and you need a lot of practice. The other sports in top 10 most dangerous sports are easier to practice, imho.

  12. Andrea says:

    I just do not understand why someone would put cheerleading on the top ten list of dangerous sports. I feel that there are many more dangerous sports out there. I know one could fall and get hurt, but what about something to do with motorcycles? This seems more dangerous to me than cheering.

    • Shannon says:

      Ok io am so sick of everyone posting why is cheerleading on here ? You guys have no idea the risks that come with cheerleading, you have your mind set in the 50’s when cheerleaders used pom poms the size of their heads and danced for the football players, but in actuallity, i beleive it belongs up here whole heartedly, i can’t even beleive so many comments on here are saying omg horse riding is so dangerous, but cheer ? NO. horse riders have protection, helmets, their not that high off the groung, something to hold on to while their doing their jumps, yea in 2011, cheerleaders rely soley on their team mates, and if their team mates screw up, EVERYONE is screwed. yea i can see high school cheer as not making it on here, but hell to the no about competetive cheer not being dangerous, more girls go to the hospital and suffer from catistrophical events from CHEERLEADING, more than any other sport you can think of. look it up if you dont beleive me. And these are not simple little ankle sprains. Most counts are fatal, disabling and/or serious injuries. I myself have almost broken my back, my hip, and my neck, my sister DID break her nose and part of her cheekbone, one of my bestfriends broke her neck, the break was a centimeter away from paralizing her, and another one sprained her neck and they could both NEVER cheer again, so NOW why dont you try to tell me its not a dangerous sport and shouldnt be classified as top ten most dangerous

  13. Mika says:

    Those who are looking for adrenaline should try at least one item in top 10 most dangerous sports. It’s what makes you realize how precious the life is. There are moments worth living. Top 10 most dangerous sports can help you discover them. But you should be careful and take precautions.

  14. Joe says:

    Bull riding is a very dangerous sport. I am glad it was included in the top ten. I had a friend who rode them. He got into a bad accident where the bull kicked him off of it. Then trampled on him. He had to have construction on his face and his arm was broken.

  15. Kevin says:

    When I first saw cheerleading I was confused. I did not see it as dangerous. I just remember the girls in my class prancing around doing nothing really. But I guess these days they do all sorts of stuff from jumping to tosses so it could be considered dangerous. Great list!

  16. Jill says:

    Contrary to what many may think cheerleading is a hard sport. I have done it for several years in high school and college and have twisted my ankle a few times and put my back out. You really have to know what you are doing in this sport.

    • Lilli says:

      I agree with you so much on this. I was a chearleader three out of the four years in high school. My last year I was not able to do it. I had fallen when they did a basket toss and broke my leg:(

  17. Marsha says:

    Horseback riding really is a dangerous sport. I was glad that this one made the top ten list. I have a cousin who loves to ride and has several of her own horses. Once a horse just went crazy on her and bucked her off. It managed to step on her leg while running off. Broke it of course.

  18. Hogan says:

    Any sport you can get hurt at. You can fall off your horse or trip while running on the court. If you swim you can dive in shallow water and hit your head on the bottom of the pool. We must all remember that we have to have caution when we play any sport that there is.

  19. Tommy says:

    Never really thought about boxing causing deaths each year. Ten does not seem like a lot but for boxing it is. But I know it is a dangerous sport. If you get knocked in the head, it can really mess with you.

  20. Pamella says:

    Sincerely, from these top 10 most dangerous sports bull riding is the worst. I cannot understand why this sport exists. I don’t like to watch it and I would never practice it. It is very dangerous and I cannot even call it a sport. It shouldn’t be in the top 10 most dangerous sports.

  21. Alexaa says:

    Us horseback riders might have helmets but we are very far off the ground depending on the breed of horse and we can easily be trampled or kicked. 100,000 rider die every year in eventing alone.

  22. Alana says:

    I am a horseback rider and dont take this personallu but it shouldbe higher. It has the highest average death rate per year and in the last 2 years i know three girls who have died riding. And for the peoplewho say its not a sport then why is it in the olympics. But riding for real riders like me its a life style. Everything revals around riding and everytime i get on a horse i put my life at risk. Have you noticed most professionals are like thirty and above well thats because we have to learn the basics perfectly and it takes years before we can evemn THINK about doing serious jumps. It is an amazing sport that forms a bond with your horse like no other i wouldnt trade it for anything. I risk my life willingly to do what i love. I am glad it was included in this list. Its actually on almost all the top dangerous sprots list.

  23. Cheyanne says:

    Aha, Shannon, Just because Horse riders have protective helmets does not mean that it’s not as dangerous as CheerLeading. And I’m most definitely not saying that CheerLeading isn’t dangerous, But… I’d say horses are more dangerous. I actually was in a severe accident, Horse related. And I’ve done some research on both. So,.. Basically Cheerleading has more injuries, BUT, Horseback riding has more deaths.. Over injuries.

    My view is this.

    The Pragmatic Side: horse riding is more dangerous, as it contains much greater potential danger. Falls, trampling, jumps gone awry, tangled straps, bucking, spooks and other sudden losses of control, kicking- remember that horses are several times heavier and more muscular than any human *and have a thick layer of metal nailed to their feet*. Sure you can get hurt cheerleading, but it’d have to be a damn high pyramid to inflict the injuries some of those could.

    The Statistical Side: cheerleading is more dangerous because more injuries result, a fact which cheerleaders apparently boast of. Presumably this means either that horse riders take more effective precautions, or cheerleaders are more likely to report an injury.

    The Conclusion: Cheerleaders are less sensible horses.

  24. Cheyanne says:

    Also, Most injuries/ Deaths horse related are mostly not the horses fault. But, The persons irresponsibility, Or lack of experience..

  25. Da'ani says:

    I am currently on a competitive cheer time and I cheer for Varsity, and I must say I am not surprised that its up here! In the last year I have witnessed 2 broken collar bones, 3 broken legs, 1 fractured elbow, 2 dislocated shoulders, and several concussions, sprains, and black eyes. Also, it takes a lot of practice and conditioning to be able to cheer; it is definately not something you can jump right into you have to take tumbling classes and gymnastics. Many people think that a bunch of pretty girls in cute little uniforms do everything with ease but let me tell you this ” I have come home from practice and layed in bed for hours at a time because I was hurt while flying or from tumbling”. I do it because I love it I don’t think about if I’ll fall out of a stunt and break my neck or if I mess up my backhandspring and break my leg.

  26. 50cent says:

    I don’t think cheerleading is one of the top 10 most dangerous sports. I don’t find this sport so dangerous, but I think it is fun to watch it. I love those sexy chicks. They really know how to move. Even if it isn’t one of the top 10 most dangerous sports in my opinion, it is probably one of the most entertaining.

    • laGeester says:

      Aha, most people dont think of cheer when they hear ” Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports ” because all everyone ever sees are the “Rah Rah Shish-Cum-Bah” type of cheerleaders. Thats not the dangerous one. Try Youtubing competitive cheerleading or why cheer is a sport and im sure you’ll see the type of things we go through.

  27. Puya says:

    I’ve tried some of these top 10 most dangerous sports. I am an adventurous person. I like adrenaline and danger. From all the top 10 most dangerous sports I’ve tried, I loved the base jumping. I cannot describe what I felt at that moment when I jumped. It was a unique experience.

  28. Ramona says:

    From all these top 10 most dangerous sports, bull riding is the most dangerous in my opinion. I cannot even watch it. I’m scared for those people’s lives. I don’t understand what’s in their minds when they are riding the bull. This sport should be on the first place among these top 10 most dangerous sports, because it is indeed very dangerous.

  29. Badescu says:

    I don’t like any of these top 10 most dangerous sports. I don’t like danger. I don’t like to practice them and I don’t like to watch any of these top 10 most dangerous sports. Why people like to feel that they are in danger? Why they want to put their lives in danger?

  30. Top 10 Lists says:

    I think life’s second name is danger.We shouldn’t fears to danger. I enjoyed to watch these games.

  31. FriEndlY says:

    i think everything in this world is somehow dangerous so we can’t stop living because we’re in danger,ANYMORE!! so let’s be brave enough to try them!actually i’m not but i have to confess that i weren’t in a goOd position,maybe you guys are,so let’s try THEM 🙂

  32. Kiki says:

    How is cheerleading on the top ten and gymnastics isn’t? I agree that cheerleading is definetly a sport, but, gymnastics is way harder. Why do you think its in the olympics? Elite gymnasts train up to 40 hours a WEEK. Cheerleaders? maybe just 25 hours a week.

  33. Katie says:

    Gymnastics! HELLO DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY DO!?!??! Gymnastics is more dangerous than cheer!! They do multiple flips on a 4 inch wide beam!!!! They do dozens of flips within seconds off of a vault!!! GYMNASTICS SHOULD ATLEAST BE ON THE LIST!

  34. name says:

    Woooow, cheerleading is sport? I just didn´t know! 😀