10 Responses to “Top 10 Transhuman Technologies”

  1. Yokko says:

    From these top 10 transhuman technologies, cryonics I like most. I’m realy interested in these inventions. They would have been very used if they have existed. Imagine you could have extended your life with a few years. Cryonics should be in the first place among these top 10 transhuman technologies.

  2. Rajesh says:

    Of these top 10 transhuman technologies, I am most amazed of gene doping. Although it seems quite dangerous. I really like the idea that we are now able to rewrite our genetic code. This proves how much we evolved! I wonder how would top 10 transhuman technologies look like in 100 years.

  3. Lorly says:

    I hadn’t known that there is working at life extension. The result of this idea would definitely be one of the top 10 transhuman technologies. Who would not like to extend with a few years its life? I hope this idea truly happens. It would become the most incredible top 10 transhuman technologies.

  4. Marton says:

    It is quite an informative post, this top 10 transhuman technologies article. Thank you for mentioning.
    Indeed the world has evolved a lot. It is good that we can handle and know so many things now. But we have to take care of the global warming issue. It is a serious thing.

  5. Drew says:

    OMG. I could not imagine never dying. How would that really work though? Life extension is really a mystery to me but it is something that I am willing to learn more about.

  6. Kava says:

    It is posts like this top 10 transhuman technologies that make me think about the future. Sometimes, I really wonder how the future will look like. Will it be better? Or will it suck? This top 10 transhuman technologies can give us a little info about how it will be.

    • Dawson says:

      I have to agree with you on this really making you think. I have to say that the future will only get better. We have come so far in our technology that we are bound and destined for greater things. This is an awesome list that does make you think!

  7. Lewis says:

    Cryonics sort of freaks me out. I mean could you imagine being in water like that and then some day taken out. Think all you would have missed. It would be so weird.

  8. Florin says:

    I have been fascinated by top 10 transhuman technologies since a couple of years ago. I have made a project on this topic for college. I think it’s still somewhere on my hdd. So.. big up for the post.

    PS: gene doping is closer than we think.

  9. Vincent says:

    I love the nano-technology. It is amazing how brilliant can get a 1mm device. Tens of years ago, no one ever thought about anything like nano-technology. Now, it is widely spread. Thank you, evolution, for the top 10 transhuman technologies.