19 Responses to “Top 10 Documentaries”

  1. dew says:

    Wow, dude, great list. Thank you for letting us know about top 10 documentaries. This summer I wanted to see as many documentaries as possible. Your list with top 10 documentaries will help me out until the end of the summer. By the way, Jesus camp is really a great doc. You should watch it!

    • Grig says:

      I too have to thank you for this list of top 10 documentaries. Like Dew, I have proposed to see as many documentaries I can. Seeing them make you learn a lot of useful and interesting things. Jesus camp was indeed great. It was one of my favorite top 10 documentaries.

  2. Maroon5 says:

    This post about top 10 documentaries might be the best here on your blog. It is the most informative. I have watched a few of these and they were great indeed. But I haven’t seen the first 3 in top 10 documentaries. Tomorrow I will be busy watching them. 😀

    • Nono says:

      You should really watch those 3 top 10 documentaries. ‘Enemies of the people’ is a documentary that exposes atrocities in Camdobia. It was touching seeing all that pain. ‘Jesus camp’ is great if you don’t agree with some ideas of the religion. And ‘March of the penguins’… I’m sure you would like it. In my opinion they are the best in this list of top 10 documentaries.

  3. Yokko says:

    ‘Supersize me’ is definitely one of the top 10 documentaries. I am against unhealthy food. I have never eaten from McDonald’s. I don’t even want to try.
    his documentary should be the number one in this top 10 documentaries list. It deserves to because it can really influence you to stop eating bad food.

    • Meschin says:

      ‘Supersize me’ should have been in the first place among these top 10 documentaries. I have to congratulate Morgan. What he has done is amazing. To sacrifice yourself just to demonstrate and convince other people not eating something because it’s bad, is really amazing. ‘Supersize me’ is a great documentary and in my top 10 documentaries it is the number 1!

  4. Rajesh says:

    I think everyone should make a list with top 10 documentaries. I love this type of movies. Every person in the world should watch documentaries. Movies are good indeed, but they cannot be compared to documentaries. I am a huge fan of them. And I thank you for the list of top 10 documentaries!

    • Harbor says:

      I agree with Rajesh. Everyone should make a list of top 10 documentaries. Every person should watch this kind of movies. They are a simple way of informing yourself. And I too have to thank you for these great top 10 documentaries.

  5. Marton says:

    I donot like docs about movie stars and stuff like that. I find them useless. Why would I want to know about X’s life? Or better yet, why should I know about his life? So that crumb should be off your top 10 documentaries list.

  6. Randy says:

    I have never seen any of these. I was going to watch Supersize me because I have heard it was good. I am just not much for documentaries though. Does that make me a bad person?

  7. Kava says:

    I guess that documentary about facebook should be part of top 10 documentaries too. I really liked it. So did lots of other people. What I liked most from your list of top 10 documentaries was exactly the first on top, enemies of the people. The creators were extremely well informed.

  8. Creskova says:

    I haven’t seen any of these top 10 documentaries. Some of them sound interesting.
    From these top 10 documentaries I think I would like to see ‘Living with Michael Jackson’. It was one of my favorite singers. Too bad he passed away.

    • Despina says:

      I would too like to see the doc about Michael Jackson. It is probably one of the best from your list of top 10 documentaries. MJ was a great artist. He was very successful and he deserves a documentary about him. I will start to see these top 10 documentaries with this one.

  9. Lilli says:

    This is a great list of documentaries. I must say I am a fan of Michael Jackson but have yet to see this. It is on my list of to sees though. I have seen Supersize Me and it really does make you think. I could not imagine eating all that food in one months time though!

  10. Tita says:

    I would put the ‘Supersize me’ on the first place in this top 10 documentaries. It has a great impact regarding unhealthy food. People must understand that what is good isn’t healthy too. This documentary really draws attention of the people. It definitely must be the number one in the top 10 documentaries.

  11. Irina says:

    I haven’t seen all your top 10 documentaries but I’ve seen the ‘An inconvenient truth’. I find it a very good documentary. I was very impressed after I saw it. You should really watch it. It is probably the best from your top 10 documentaries.

    • Restol says:

      ‘An inconvenient truth’ is indeed one of the best top 10 documentaries. If there are people who haven’t seen it yet, it is about President Al’Gore which tries to educate citizens about global warming. To me it was very inspiring. I read that this documentary was included in science curricula in schools all around the world. All these being said, it really deserves to be among these top 10 documentaries no?

  12. Florin says:

    That supersize me documentary shows the reality nowadays. It should ve been on a better place in top 10 documentaries. But it’s your top, heh.

    PS: I also don’t agree with Crumb, as part of top 10 documentaries. Doesn’t fit here.

  13. Vincent says:

    Everyone stating that he knows a lot should have a personal top 10 documentaries list. I am ashamed that I do not watch that many docs. I hope this thing will change in the near future. Unfortunately, there is not much spare time at the moment.

    Next month I will make a top 10 documentaries list myself!